Can the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Save Clearwater Beach?

This month, Florida residents survived another unpleasant reminder of the consequences of climate change. Hurricane Matthew shattered records as one of the longest-lived, strongest hurricanes we have ever seen in October. It generated more accumulated cyclone energy than any hurricane on record in the eastern Caribbean.

Scientists say we can only expect more, and worse storms as climate change, spurred on by the release of greenhouse gasses, takes its toll.

Our own Clearwater Beach Island is particularly vulnerable. This white-sand-and-palm-trees paradise will not only be battered and eroded by severe storms, sea-level rise may put it completely under water by the end of the century, if current projections published in the journal Nature are correct. Most of the harbors, marinas, and coastlines of the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area are similarly doomed by the potential six-foot rise in tides.*

What can you do about it, other than sell your beachfront property?


Toyota Fights for Florida, and the World!


The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 is an inspiring example of an industry leader working to make a difference. Transportation generates nearly a third of the world's greenhouse emissions -- but Toyota believes that automobiles and the environment can co-exist sustainably.

By the year 2050, Toyota aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of its new vehicles by 90 percent. This includes investing in hybrids, plug-ins, electric cars, and even hydrogen fuel.

Toyota is also working to slash its CO2 emissions at the manufacturing level, including recycling end-of-life vehicles, and investing in low-energy technology.

Learn more about the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 by following the link in the tweet, or check out an eco-friendly car, truck, or SUV available right now at Clearwater Toyota. Together, we can turn the tide on climate change.



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