When Should Your Tire Tread be Inspected?

Being able to identify when your car tires need to be replaced can make all the difference in being able to drive safely on the road. Getting to the dealership to have the mechanics inspect the tires is the best way to ensure they are changed in a timely manner. The Clearwater Toyota team can help!

Take a closer look at your tire tread and what you may discover is some worn spots on each tire. These are issues of uneven wear, but can cause big trouble trying to get the vehicle to stop to avoid trouble. Cracks in the tires might indicate defective tires or early signs the tire is going to fail. These issues need to be brought to the attention of a skilled mechanic who can identify what caused the issue and recommend the appropriate actions.

Bring your vehicle in to the Clearwater Toyota service center for a complete tire inspection, rotation, or replacement if it is needed.

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