Holiday Travel Tips To Save Time And Keep You Safe

The holiday season has finally arrived and it's time to load up the car and set off to visit family all across the country. As our gift to you this year Clearwater Toyota would like to provide you with some holiday travel tips that you may find very useful.

First, if your vehicle does not usually make long trips it may be best to have your fluids checked by one of our trained service employees prior to your journey. Nothing will take you out of the holiday spirit like having to call the tow truck on your way to grandma's house.

Second, to save time and avoid some traffic it may be a good idea to avoid peak travel times such as the day before a holiday. Instead, opt to leave a day earlier or try to travel either very early in the morning or very late at night when fewer drivers are on the road.

We here at Clearwater Toyota here in Clearwater, FL would like to personally wish you a happy holiday season and want to remind you to travel safely.

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