How to Improve Your Car's Headlights

Although cars are much better today than they were years ago, several studies have proven that adequate headlights are still an issue for some vehicles. Here are some tips to improve your visibility:

  • One option is to install more lighting fixtures. As long as you are the owner of your car and are not leasing it, then you are free to modify it in any way you choose. Adding external lighting fixtures can be a good solution if you have weak headlights.
  • Another option is to switch to higher quality bulbs. Halogen bulbs are the most commonly used in vehicle headlights. However, LED and HID bulbs are much stronger and can reach a greater distance.
  • Finally, installing higher quality headlight enclosures is also an option. Headlight enclosures are what your headlight's bulbs reflect off of. By trading the standard enclosures for better ones, you can greatly improve your visibility.

Contact our service center at Clearwater Toyota if you want help improving your headlights.

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