Understand the Meaning of Horsepower

You know your car is fast and you know pushing on the gas pedal can make it go much faster. That’s because you purchased a Toyota car or SUV with ample horsepower! But what does that term really mean for Clearwater, FL commuters like yourself?

What that really means is something you're going to want to properly understand, but it has to be understood in a specific context. Imagine your car as if it were your horse. Your horse can gallop and if you push it hard enough it might just gallop a lot faster. We call the potential for speed the power of the horse.

Now, your car is basically a faster version of a horse and its horsepower is orders of magnitude greater than that of a horse. You can race your car and you can travel to faraway destinations in a manner of minutes. Clearwater Toyota can help you discover the vehicles you need to properly understand horsepower. Come see why Clearwater motorists have trusted us for so many years to introduce them the vehicles they've always wanted for themselves.

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