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Get a First Look at the 2020 Toyota Highlander About to Grace Our Showroom

1005 × 550

Those families that value the convenience of three rows, intuitive technology, and comfortable design, will find the newest Toyota Highlander model a dream addition to their driveway. While we don't know every last detail quite yet, this upcoming Toyota SUV is a promising powerhouse with exciting new features any Floridian family will love.

A Powertrain that Provides Options

Drive a powerful standard 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of 295-horsepower and paired with an eight-speed transmission.

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Toyota Backs Lab4U to Bring Innovative App to Your Smartphone

Our cars all have speedometers. (If yours doesn’t, maybe you ought to schedule a service appointment...) So we know how fast we’re going in the car. Have you ever wondered how fast you’re accelerating, though? Your speed is one thing, but the rate at which your speed changes is another.

With a cool new app from Lab4Physics, you can see data and a visual representation of that acceleration. (Just don’t look at it until your car is safely parked!) Toyota awarded a Mothers of Invention grant to Komal Dadlani, founder of Lab4U, for her innovative work…

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Can the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Save Clearwater Beach?

This month, Florida residents survived another unpleasant reminder of the consequences of climate change. Hurricane Matthew shattered records as one of the longest-lived, strongest hurricanes we have ever seen in October. It generated more accumulated cyclone energy than any hurricane on record in the eastern Caribbean.

Scientists say we can only expect more, and worse storms as climate change...

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Even More Reason for Tampa Bay Families to Love the Toyota Prius

Hurricane Matthew has weakened to a Category 3 storm, but Florida residents are not out of the woods yet. About 500,000 homes across the state are without power, maximum sustained winds are still blowing at up to 120mph, and hazardous conditions may prevent gas stations from resupplying, leading to potential shortages of fuel.

Hybrid drivers have one less thing to worry about, in that respect.

In fact, the...

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Martians and the All-New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Have you seen the drama/comedy called, The Martian? It features Matt Damon, who plays the part of an astronaut left behind on Mars when a space mission goes bad. He then has to live for years on the inhospitable planet while a rescue mission is launched.

We thought of this movie recently when we saw this new commercial by Toyota. It features its own band of “space travelers.”

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Toyota is Committed to Being Kind to the Environment

Toyota is committed to creating vehicles that are kinder to the environment. They have been developing these vehicles for years, and plan to continue in the future. Watch the video below to hear more about this company has been a front-runner in the shift towards eco-friendly vehicles.

Here at Clearwater Toyota, we always knew that Toyota was an environmental leader, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear that they helped the competition catch up by…

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