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Why Choosing Clearwater Toyota Will Serve You Well

At Clearwater Toyota, we want nothing more than to make our customers feel happy and satisfied. With that said, we wanted to share just a few reasons why shopping with us near Dunedin will transform the route to your next new or pre-owned vehicle for the better.


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Tips for Transporting Holiday Foods Safely

There are various reasons you might want what to carry food in your car during the holiday season. This might end up being a lot harder if you do not know how to travel without messing up the food you prepared. Your main priority should be arriving with your food safely. Here are a few tips to help you transfer your food carefully:

  • Use an insulated cardboard parcel with newspapers or towels to ensure your food remains the right temperature. The cardboard will also prevent your food from spilling as it will soak up the spills.
  • Make sure your containers…
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How to Improve Your Car's Headlights

Although cars are much better today than they were years ago, several studies have proven that adequate headlights are still an issue for some vehicles. Here are some tips to improve your visibility:

  • One option is to install more lighting fixtures. As long as you are the owner of your car and are not leasing it, then you are free to modify it in any way you choose. 
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Toyota C-HR: Winning the Race

The roads around Clearwater, Florida can feel like you constantly need to race around to get where you are going. When the highways aren’t crowded, there is probably construction going on. Toyota knows the difficulty of daily driving. In their video above, driving conditions are slightly exaggerated, but it is completely what it can feel like at times, and it shows how the 2018 Toyota C-HR can handle the situation better than others.

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Essentials for your Roadside Emergency Kit

One of the worst feelings is breaking down and knowing that you aren’t prepared with what you need. With the high-traffic flow and long highways around Clearwater, Florida, we know that it can be stressful and time consuming to wait for a tow truck. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or gear, you could be having an even worse time.

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Spring Maintenance for your Toyota

Spring is a season of renewal, and what better way to get into the spirit of spring than by bringing your Toyota into our Service Center. Our certified trained technicians are dedicated to restoring your Toyota to the pristine driving performance it had when you drove it off the lot for the first time. It doesn't matter if your Toyota just needs its usual tune-up, or you need new tires, new brakes, and an oil change. Every repair is also done using genuine Toyota parts that are specifically designed for your car.

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