Toyota Backs Lab4U to Bring Innovative App to Your Smartphone

Our cars all have speedometers. (If yours doesn’t, maybe you ought to schedule a service appointment...) So we know how fast we’re going in the car. Have you ever wondered how fast you’re accelerating, though? Your speed is one thing, but the rate at which your speed changes is another.

With a cool new app from Lab4Physics, you can see data and a visual representation of that acceleration. (Just don’t look at it until your car is safely parked!) Toyota awarded a Mothers of Invention grant to Komal Dadlani, founder of Lab4U, for her innovative work on the app. In this video she uses a Toyota Mirai to demonstrate the accelerometer function.

If this is the first you’re hearing of the Mirai, that’s probably because it’s only available in California at the moment. It’s a hydrogen-powered car which we think could be Toyota’s greatest innovation. Hopefully the car (and the necessary fueling stations) will be more widely available in the near future.

If the brand new Mirai has you inspired, you can browse our new inventory for the latest from Toyota-- hybrid or otherwise. We’d love to have you swing by our Clearwater showroom so we can help find the right car for you.

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