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Toyota Lease Returns in Clearwater

Clearwater Toyota Makes Returning Your Lease Easy

As your approach the end of your lease term, you may be wondering what steps you must take, and when. Part of the joy of leasing a Toyota is how smooth the process of turning in your lease is. Here is a general timeline of what to do when your lease is almost up:

Three Months
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Three Months

Around 90 days from the end of your lease, it is time to start thinking about what you wish to do next. Options to choose from include:

  • Lease a new vehicle from Clearwater Toyota
  • Buy a new or used vehicle from Clearwater Toyota
  • Purchase the vehicle you have been leasing
  • Turn in your lease, and go elsewhere for your next vehicle

You have many excellent choices for what to do after you turn in your lease. When you choose to buy or lease from Toyota again, loyalty rewards may apply -- and you have a brand new car. If you are happy with the vehicle you have been leasing and hate to let it go, let us know, and our financial team will work out the payoff amount. And of course, with a lease, you are never under obligation to continue working with us.

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Two Months
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Two Months

We know that life happens. You won't be charged if your Toyota is less than fresh-off-the-lot pristine. However, certain excessive damages may incur a fee. Ask about complimentary lease-end inspections around 60 days from the turn-in date to look for:

  • Scratches or dents larger than a credit card
  • Tears in upholstery larger than a credit card
  • Broken or missing parts, including lost keys
  • Bent wheels, bald or damaged tires
  • Windshield glass damage
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One Month
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One Month

By the 30-day mark, you have probably already decided what your next vehicle will be. If not, it's time to start finalizing your choices. Contact Clearwater Toyota, call (800) 677-6099, or visit our Toyota Showroom for guidance. We can run though the benefits and limitations of all of your options and get you behind the wheel of a few brand-new Toyota models, so you can see what has changed since your last lease.

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