Using Your Online Finance Application Efficiently

Buyers anxious to get into a new car can save time by applying online. Clearwater Toyota places an easy-to-use online financing application for customer convenience. Visit our digital Toyota finance application and decide which car you favor.

Our dealership lot and website is filled with vehicles of all sizes and in all price ranges. The online application will let you know if you pre-qualify for the car you are interested in. The online credit application makes everything simple. 

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Tips for Transporting Holiday Foods Safely

There are various reasons you might want what to carry food in your car during the holiday season. This might end up being a lot harder if you do not know how to travel without messing up the food you prepared. Your main priority should be arriving with your food safely. Here are a few tips to help you transfer your food carefully:

  • Use an insulated cardboard parcel with newspapers or towels to ensure your food remains the right temperature. The cardboard will also prevent your food from spilling as it will soak up the spills.
  • Make sure your containers…
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When Should Your Tire Tread be Inspected?

Being able to identify when your car tires need to be replaced can make all the difference in being able to drive safely on the road. Getting to the dealership to have the mechanics inspect the tires is the best way to ensure they are changed in a timely manner. The Clearwater Toyota team can help!

Take a closer look at your tire tread and what you may discover is some worn spots on each tire. 

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Total Cost of Ownership Is Simple Math

When it comes to figuring out your total cost of ownership, all it takes is some simple math. Our sales department at Clearwater Toyota wants to always help you figure out this important number. To make this happen, you'll want to take every single variable into account to get the total cost for your specific model.

Fortunately, that's what we do best. We know we need to have a conversation about your driving habits. What is your fuel consumption like? How will it differ with the new vehicle? We'll put together an estimate on your insurance premiums…

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How to Improve Your Car's Headlights

Although cars are much better today than they were years ago, several studies have proven that adequate headlights are still an issue for some vehicles. Here are some tips to improve your visibility:

  • One option is to install more lighting fixtures. As long as you are the owner of your car and are not leasing it, then you are free to modify it in any way you choose. 
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Bay Area Drivers! Have You Thought About Leasing Your Next Toyota?

At Clearwater Toyota, we're big fans of this time of year. The holidays are coming up quick, and it seems like new 2018 Toyota models are arriving at our dealership even quicker. As much fun as it is to get lost in the momentum of shopping for a new Toyota car, truck or SUV, it's important to consider all of your financing options. Thankfully, the level-headed folks in our Finance Center are here to help by suggesting you consider a Toyota lease.

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New Tire Questions To Ask

What are some questions to ask before buying new tires? New tires can help your vehicle in many ways. A fresh set of tires can provide a more stable ride and even increase safety. New tires can also help the car sustain a more durable future. That's why it's crucial to ask the right questions.

Our Clearwater Toyota Service team is ready to have that conversation with you. We have years of experience working with new tires. Here are some questions you may consider:

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Get your Vehicle in the Halloween Spirit

Getting dressed up for Halloween is not just for people; show off your festive side by decorating your vehicle! Halloween is a fun time of the year when it seems anything is possible and you can show off your creative and spooky side. Here are some ideas for decorating your vehicle for Halloween:

  • Truck Graveyard- Decorate your vehicle with tombstones, skeletons, cob webs, and lights to create a spooky display.
  • Hayride- Decorate your vehicle with bales of hay, corn stalks, scarecrows, and any farm decorations you can think of creating a fun hayride you can drive around town.
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